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Monday, November 15, 2010

Grubbing Firewood

Wow. Mom and Kim have bought this ranch called the Indian Creek Ranch. What an amazing, beautiful place it is. Teaming with plants and wildlife. Live water, venomous varmits, loads of firewood, mesquite that is, Hank would fit right in. We now have cattle, lots of them. Big, black, pregnant cows. One cow even had a little brown, bull calf, then she died. Seems like she may have been in labor during shipping and died from the stress, because she didn't want to have her calf on the trailer. So sad, and yet beautiful to watch an experienced mother die to bring her calf into this world, alive and healthy. He is precious. He takes 3, yes 3, bottles a day. He name is Bucky. Chase is attached.
The other cows have split up a little. Some have gone "down in the bottom" where the creek is. We think 2 of them may be close to having their babies, so they are looking for a safe spot. Some have congregated up near the house. They are having to figure out how to survive in the rough. A few leaders have emerged, #2 and #5, so we think these girls may have what it takes.

This last weekend also holds the record, first deer shot by Chase Steelman. It was a doe, 100-125 lbs.. The meat is put up in the freezer and the pelt is going to get processed as well as the skull. Chase will get a plaque in the den at the ranch house, with the skull. 5th deer shot at the Indian Creek Ranch, yeeeee haaaaaaaaawwwwww.

We are now talking about taking some faithful, elderly campers (RV's that is) out to the spot in the bush near where Chase shot the deer. Fixing them up and making an official Hunt Camp. No wildlife is safe in Hall County. Maybe, just maybe, I might post some pics.

Oh, and BTW, we grubbed a pick up bed load of firewood. The best we've ever seen, and Mama helped.


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Keri said...

Way to go CHASE!! :)

Unending Love, Amazing Grace